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Bullmastiffs Are A Wonderful Breed

But they are not for everyone.
Find a dog show and go see a Bullmastiff. Talk to people who own them. There is lots of information available in print and on the internet about this breed. Do your reading! This is a big, powerful dog that will grow to be more than 100 lbs in it's first year, male or female!

You need to be aware of your responsibility in owning a dog like this and make an educated decision about your committment to socializing, training and maintaining a Bullmastiff.

BULLMASTIFFS DO NOT ALL LOOK ALIKE. Unlike the Doberman or some of the older breeds, Bullmastiffs have various head and body styles. Most conscientious breeders are breeding to the Bullmastiff Standard, but there is plenty of room for interpretation and personal preferences within same. You need to find a breeder who consistently produces dogs that are pleasing ... to you. Regardless of who wins in the dog show ring, on any given day, the dog you feed and look at every day in your home has to be "what you like".

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