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Looking For A Holistic Vet?

This link will take you to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association's website. Check out their member referral directory. Holistic Veterinarians are listed by state.

Natural Breeding & Rearing

Tremendous source of good information about diet and maintaining pets in a "natural" modality. Also contains The Natural Rearing Breeders Directory.

Excellent Food Supplements

We use and recommend NUPRO. Excellent supplement for both the Whole Food and Commercial Food Diet.

The Vaccination Controversy

Want to know more about the Vaccination Controversy. A real eye opener!

Home Diarrhea Recipe

Potato recipe to help control diarrhea. Great alternative to the traditional ground beef and rice remedy.

Dog and Cat Book Catalog

Fabulous selection about everything relative to our Pets. Many books not stocked by other suppliers.

Allergic Hit List

List of the Top Ten most common foods causing allergic reactions in our pets diet.

Find A Dog Show

Looking for a Dog Show in your area? Click on this link and look for "Conformation Events". There's no better place to view quality Bullmastiffs.

ABA Rescue

If an older dog will fit into your lifestyle, why not consider giving a second chance to a deserving Rescue.

Dog Food Comparison Charts

Questioning the quality of dog food? Take a look at these dog food comparison charts, and dog food analysis.

Crate Training

This is not punishment. Properly introduced, a crate is your dog's safe haven. Here are the Crate Training Instructions from The American Dog Training Network.

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