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Our Holistic Approach ...

WE TAKE A NATURAL, HOLISTIC APPROACH TO PUPPY REARING. Several years ago we found a terrific Holistic Veterinarian and have come to appreciate an alternative to traditional medicine that is just now starting to grow in popularity. More and more people are starting to question what is in their bag of commercial dog food, vaccinating our pets routinely every year, poisioning our pets with flea treatments and the over use of antibiotics and steroids.

WHAT DO YOU FEED YOUR DOG? The commerical pet food industry would have us believe that over processed, enzyme deficient waste material is a 100% complete and balanced diet for dogs. Unfortunatley since the rise in popularity of the pet food industry our pets have seen a tremendous rise in developmental problems like Hip Dysplasia, OCD, HOD and Panosteitis as well as Skin Disease, Allergies and Cancer! What did we feed our dogs 40 years ago? Fresh, whole food! Throughout history, dogs have eaten what we eat and thrived on the dreaded "table scraps".

WE FEED A BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE, HUMAN GRADE NATURAL DIET OF FRESH CHICKEN, MEAT, FISH, EGGS, VEGETABLES, FRUIT, WHOLE GRAINS AND YOGURT. Puppies are weaned onto our whole food diet and we feel given the best opportunity possible to develop healthy strong bodies and immune systems.

If you are interested in learning more about our holistic approach, check out some of the links provided in our section called Recommended Reading, Information & Links.

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