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WE ARE ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY. Our puppy owners know that we are available to mentor and guide them through their dog's awkward teens and old age. Bullmastiffs are not a common breed and there are many "breed specific" things that we see and know about that your veterinarian or local dog trainer may not have much, if any, experience with.

We are planning two special breedings for the Spring of 2020. If we do everything just right, we should have puppies born here this summer. We encourage people who are interested in a puppy from our breeding program to contact us about getting on a waiting list. The internet is a wonderful vehicle for doing research and making initial contacts, but I'm sure you can appreciate that we can not entertain placing a puppy on the strength of an E-mail. Please feel free to give us a call.

at their first dog show ....

obviously studying judges procedure!

Hope you enjoyed our website and meeting the family ... We take great pride in our dogs and have hopefully given you a lot of information and insight into this fabulous breed.

The End

Your Comments and Questions are always welcome
E-mail us at bullyboybabies@hotmail.com
or give us a call and introduce yourself.
We keep a pretty hectic schedule around here, and I do not carry a cell phone.
If you get the answering machine, please leave a message. I will return your call.
We'll be happy to answer your questions,
and discuss our breeding program.

We've Moved ...
And The Dogs Are Jumping For Joy!!

Located in the gorgeous Catskill Mountains of Sullivan County...
"Bully Mountain" Parksville, N.Y.
Lovin' the Country Life!

E-Mail: bullyboybabies@hotmail.com

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